Change the way you monitor varietal adoption and turnover.

Learn how IMAGE is leveraging genotyping through comparative analysis of varietal adoption monitoring across three countries.

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Varietal Selection is Fundamental for Productive, Resilient Farming

One of the most important decisions a farmer makes is what crop varieties to grow. 

While significant investments are made by governments, donors, research-NGOs, universities, and private companies to develop and disseminate improved varieties, a general lack of reliable varietal adoption data still exists. Misleading data can lead to incorrect conclusions about determinants of adoption which in turn can lead to intervention and support decisions that do not generate expected impact.

Fortunately, genotyping can ensure accurate reporting of crop variety identity and produce reliable, repeatable, credible adoption estimates.

Vision for Change

The IMAGE, institutionalizing monitoring of crop variety adoption using genotyping, program supports inclusive agricultural transformation by providing insights and evidence for seed sector actors to enhance government agency capacity, improve stakeholder coordination, and make more informed resource allocation decisions for varietal development and commercialization.

Accessing Improved Varieties

Increasing the availability of adoption data fosters seed system coordination efficiencies, which can improve farmers' access improved varieties that meet their needs and suit their preferences.

Supporting Women
in Agriculture

Generating gender-disaggregated data on varietal adoption to enable organizations to better support women farmers' access to improved varieties.

Institutionalizing Monitoring Practices

Developing and institutionalizing a system for measuring portfolio indicators of the average age of varieties and area under improved varieties. 

Seed Variety Adoption Survey in Tanzania Request for Proposal (RFP)

A firm is wanted to design and implement a seed variety adoption survey in 2022. The survey will be nationally representative and will cover ~1,000 reporting households per crop (maize, rice, cassava, common bean) across the regions of Tanzania based on where they are grown. The proposal deadline is Friday, October 22nd.

"Success of the 5-year IMAGE program will impact millions of farmers."

- Mark Nelson, Partner at Content Global Development

"Success of the 5-year IMAGE program will impact millions of farmers."

- Mark Nelson, Partner at Content Global Development