IMAGE Program Goals

IMAGE is built on the goal of establishing and institutionalizing a system for genotype-based monitoring of variety adoption and turnover to scale the approach and ensure its routine use. 

This goal is supported by five main objectives that focus on generating data, building value-based support for varietal monitoring, and create the technology needed to implement varietal monitoring effectively.  IMAGE has grown out of previous investments including sustained work in Ethiopia that has included pilot, mainstreaming, and bridging investments.  Evaluation of this previous work underpins the rationale for IMAGE and has guided its design. 

Enable national leadership mandates to monitor crop varieties and adoption.

  • Build a network of technical experts and service providers to provide personalized advisory support.

Establish best practices that enable routine monitoring and produce credible results.

  • Form a sustainable funding mechanism based on use cases with government and stakeholder buy-in.
  • Advocate for institutional capacity for reliable monitoring programs.